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Distribute your music easily and quickly onto the world’s biggest platforms. Join our successful independent label & artist community.

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Share your music with the world. Label Root makes it easy to get your music into iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, YouTube over 150+ digital store partners. We can help you reach the fans that are waiting for your music. It’s free to create an account and get started.

Label Box – The Best Feature On The Market

As an independent record label, to manage, mastering, cover arts, finding the best promoting options and getting your music into the biggest online music stores can be painful and could take a long process. But worry no more – if you are reading this you’re not only have found the solution but peace of mind. All in one package including a personal label manager only for you, consulting and advising onto a successful path.

Promote Your Music – PR

Promotion and marketing are an essential part of the music business, it takes to a difference between a successful record and “just another track in a music store“.

Label Root simplifies the process of organizing, planning and sending your promotional campaigns. You can fully customize our elegant promo page and email template to match the branding you desire in a way that fairly represents your brand and the value of your releases.


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